Boruto: [SPOILER] May Have More Sinister Motives Than Originally Thought

With the end of the previous arc, the Boruto manga appears to be gearing up for a new one with an unexpected antagonist. But what’s their plan?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter #59 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “Knight,” by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

The Naruto universe is full of characters with hidden motives. From Itachi’s secret mission to wipe out the Uchiha clan to Orochimaru’s plot to steal Sasuke’s body, and that trend has yet to change in the next generation. Case in point: Chapter #59 of the Boruto manga reveals that former Kara scientist turned traitor, Amado, may have a hidden agenda that the Village Hidden in the Leaves may be helpless to stop — a reveal that has been long in the making.

First introduced in Chapter #26 of the manga, Amado was the Head of Research and Development to the Akatsuki-adjacent organization known as Kara. As the head scientist for the organization, Amado was responsible for creating all of its cyborgs and is highly knowledgeable regarding both the Ohtsutsuki and Karma mark. His knowledge and technological advancements are far beyond the capabilities of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Chapter #43 revealed that Amado was in league with Koji Kashin to take down Jigen, the leader of Karma. Amado defected to the Leaf Village as part of their plan using extreme tactics, such as taking Shikadai hostage to get an audience with Naruto and Shikamaru quickly. Though quite blunt and ruthless in his approach, Amado provided the Leaf shinobi with the knowledge to kill an Ohtsutsuki as well as on the Karma mark.

Following Isshiki’s defeat, Amado continued to provide information on Kara after his naturalization as a citizen of the Leaf Village. Namely, who their next opponent would be: Code. After revealing the cyborg’s identity, Amado mentioned that he was the only person capable of removing the limiters he had placed on Code and his other creations, ensuring his protection by the village.

In the latest chapter, however, Amado’s forthcoming nature has been thrown into question. After explaining to Kawaki that despite extinguishing Isshiki’s soul, he still possessed the power that Karma provided him, Amado proceeded to offer to reconstruct his Karma — this time, purely as a weapon. Kawaki quickly refused, despite Amado’s insistence, something his new assistant Sumire was not quick to dismiss. As Chapter #59 concludes, Sumire confronts her new boss, stating she believes his interest in Kawaki goes beyond concern for the boy’s welfare. Amado quickly shrouds himself in a menacing air, coldly reprimanding her espionage skills. The final panel leaves readers with the feeling that Amado may have a plan for Kawaki, but what could this plan be?

In Chapter #44, as Amado departed for the Leaf, he mentioned to Koji Kashin that “the work” he needed to complete could be done with the cell fragments he possessed and the Leaf’s equipment. This “work” implies a second stage to the duo’s plans, aside from extinguishing Isshiki’s soul. It seems to revolve around Kawaki remaining a “vessel” and implanting him with a new Karma.

Interestingly, in Chapter #39, Jigen mentioned to Amado that everyone’s wish would be granted when their mission was complete, including Amado’s. This fact, coupled with the reveal in Chapter #57 that Amado had a daughter who later died, points to some interesting potential conclusions.

As already stated, Kawaki remains a vessel for an Ohtsutsuki, but with Isshiki’s soul gone, there was no longer a threat of possession. However, Amado knows much more about Karma than anyone else in the Boruto series. Combined with his superhuman intellect, he may have devised a way to allow his daughter’s soul to inhabit Kawaki’s vessel. The cell fragments he brought with him to the Leaf could belong to his daughter, to be later implanted in the reconstructed Karma. Known for his ruthless tactics, it would not be out of character for Amado to sacrifice Kawaki for his daughter’s resurrection via Karma.

Will Amado go ahead with this or does he have even more sinister plans for the Leaf Village? Armed with more knowledge than any other character in the series, Amado seems to be the only one who knows what is actually going on. (© cbr)

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